This is inform all prospective students and the general public that the oral interview into the School of Nursing, Iyienu Mission Hospital, Ogidi is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 23rd of August, 2023 within the school premises. All qualified candidates are advised to re-log to view instruction of requirements for the oral interview. Click on the https://portal2.iyienusonam.co.uk/rs_log.php to re-access your result.

There have been incidences and reports of fraudulent activities where parents/sponsors and wards are swindled in the bid of desperation to gain admission by fraudsters posing as agents or staff of the school or hospital. Please, be warned that no member of staff is engaged in such and the school is not known for that as admission is given on merit. Kindly note that, should you be involved in such, you are strictly on your own.

We wish all prospective students the very best.

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